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First off a Music Agent is a person who would like the opportunity to help you with your music career. A Music Agent can call around to book shows for you, keep track of finances and help you cut through all the red tape that the music industry uses to filter good clients from bad ones. Any Music Agent knows that publicity is as important as playing the actual gigs. Music Agents will also have pricing options depending on what you would like to do. An example of this is that you may only like playing music in bars and clubs with a nice atmosphere. Another example is that you may want a Music Agent that will help you with a career to go all the way in a big record contract playing around the world. A Music Agent is a person that you would voice concerns like these during your music career, Breaking down the confusion and helping you use your musical talents the way you feel is appropriate.

When trying to find a Music Agent I recommend looking at past clients they may have helped along the way to kind of get idea of popularity they have had in the past, especially current clients. I also recommend trying to go to some of the shows that these clients may be playing and looking at any commercials or advertisements as well. If you like the ads and stage set-ups for these shows, as well as the clients, you will next want to look at pricing they have. Look at pricing for printing albums, singles and EPs. What kind of charges they may have for recording studios. A good Music Agent will also make sure everything is done in writing, even first contact with them.

When working with an agent you will also have to decide to go through an automated agency where most of you work with the agency is done through a customer service or an agent that may have an internet page or actual office you can visit, which is more face to face.


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