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Magazine Agents

A magazine agent is someone who will come to your door to sell magazine subscriptions to you representing a magazine agent company. A magazine agent could be mail order or even internet based as well. A magazine agent is able to give you a selection of several magazines from A to Z or by even category. More than likely anyone who would like to purchase a magazine subscription already has a preference of a magazine agent. I have noticed that what makes magazine agents different is how much fun that a magazine agent will make it to purchase magazines. A few examples of this are stamps, prizes and fund raisers.

Unfortunately magazine agents have a lot of negative publicity tied to them. You may have seen on the TV news or read in the news paper about people going from select door to door scamming elderly people out of hundreds of dollars or even E-mail scams. While everyone needs to make a buck, not all magazine agents are this bad. A lot of magazine agents are there to try and raise money for other causes. An example of a magazine agent that will do this is maybe a teenager trying to raise money for a field trip or for sports equipment at school. Just because a salesperson coming door to door or you receive an occasional E-mail does not mean you should be afraid where your next meal may come from.

There really is not much to go by while doing research for buying magazines from a magazine agent. I suppose you could look for reviews of the magazine agent on the internet or investigate the company that the magazine agent claims to represent. The reality about magazines is that the magazine agent does not make the magazine. The magazine agent is only trying to bridge a connection with you to start receiving the magazine.


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