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Life Insurance Agent

Life insurance is incredibly important. If you have a family, and they cannot live comfortably without your income, you may want to consider purchasing life insurance for yourself and perhaps members of your family, as well.

First off, it's important to talk to your friends, see if any of them have had good or bad experiences with any particular agents. It would also be good to find out if there are any listed complaints against the life insurance agent you are considering. Often, if you have a personal insurance agent that handles your car, home, or rental insurance, they can also provide you with life insurance at a discount.

Feel free to interview many different life insurance agents and companies that they represent. Keep in mind that they are going to look very closely at your health and at your behaviors. For instance, you will be asked if you have ever been diagnosed with many different conditions, ranging from heart disease to mental problems. You will also be asked if you smoke, or if you used to smoke, when you quit smoking. Often insurance companies will give you a discount for quitting and staying that way. Another question asked will be about your behaviors. Do you engage in sports that are well known for their risk factor, such as snow boarding? How is your driving record? If you tend to drive with a lead foot, the life insurance agent will note that, as well. Some companies will have you undergo a physical exam, with blood tests, in order to make sure you are safe from many different diseases before they choose to cover you.

As always, don't sign anything until you've read the contract, to make sure what you are agreeing to. A good life insurance agent should be able to explain the policies to you, and a good policy provided by them should give you true piece of mind.


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