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Finding a good insurance agent is a daunting task for anyone who is shopping for insurance. We are bombarded daily with commercials on the best company to go with, who will save us more money, and who cares more about us than anyone else. But how do we really know? This article should provide you with some tips on how to locate the best of the best!

It's good to interview several different insurance agents. Ask you friends for recommendations, and perhaps they can give you stories, good and bad about different insurance agents, to help you decide who you'd like to interview the most. Check out the office of the insurance agent, and check out their staff, as well. Not only ask about prices for the kinds of insurance you are shopping for, but ask other questions as well. For instance, if you get into a car wreck at three o'clock in the morning, will there be an agent ready to help you as soon as possible? Can you have your insurance payment deducted from your checking account, can you mail it in, or do you have to present it to the office in person? What are their normal business hours, and do they have multiple locations? Often convenience and availability of your agent can be a big seller.

Last but not least, it's important to ask the agents you interview about policy information. Find out about any disclaimers, waiting periods, or other things in the contract that may not be mentioned up front. Read everything before you sign, and don't let them pressure you to sign without allowing you to read the contracts first. Insurance is very important, and it's good to make sure that you are well covered for whatever situation comes up. It's also good to know that your insurance agent will truly be there for you whenever you need them!


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