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Becoming A Travel Agent

The first thing to remember when becoming a travel agent is the importance of education. What sort of things should you learn? A business or liberal arts degree is often a great start. Learning to speak a foreign language is also incredibly important if you are planning on specializing and dealing in international travel. Many community colleges provide extra training specifically for those who wish to get into the travel agency field. Read travel magazines to keep up on the latest trends in the business, you can also surf the internet for more travel information. You could also consider getting a job as a ticketing agent, so you can have a taste of what it's like to work in the field of travel.

Another good thing to do is to check with your local Chamber of Commerce, to be sure that there are any certifications that you need in order to become a travel agent in your area. One good thing to do as well is to work towards getting your certification as a Certified Travel Counselor (CTC). This is a certification that both customers and companies that hire travel agents will look for!

Computer literacy is a must! Learn all you can about computers, and keep up to date on all of the latest software programs so you can easily learn the software needed for your job. Learn to also pay attention to detail, because making any mistakes on a customers travel plans can cause incredibly huge problems for the customer.

If all of these things sound like things that you can handle, then you may be a great candidate for becoming a travel agent. A good eye for detail, a good education, and a love for helping customer with their travels will give you a great start!


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